Gacha Art Mod Apk

Gacha Art is a modified version of the Gacha Club game. This mod comes with a lot of new customization features which makes this game even more interesting.

The Gacha Art mod comes with multiple updates. For an RPG game, Gacha Art has a lot to offer and even being a mod it looks like a completely new game.

The game brings several new elements that are never seen in any game from the Gacha series. These new features make the game very fun to play. In this article, we will discuss the Gacha Art Mod apk.

Gacha Art
Gacha Art

What is Gacha Art Mod Apk?

Gacha Art Mod is the updated version of the popular Gacha Club game. Based on the Gacha series, it has all the features from the original game. In addition to many new features which make this RPG game worth trying.

The developers were able to add features that many dreams of in an RPG game. It has some of the very interesting elements like crazy hairstyles, multiple backgrounds, and props. The game has added more characters with better detailing on their accessories, outfits, etc.

There are so many things that you can do in the game as it has different modes depending on your need. Let’s, see all the features of this game.

Gacha Art Features


The game has more the 100+ unique backgrounds to choose from. These backgrounds have different themes and tones which you can use to create a perfect scene in the game. Moreover, the background has themes from popular animes and cartoons which looks quite appealing.

New Outfits and accessories

The game has a big collection of new outfits and accessories. You get to choose from new shirts, sleeves, jackets, hats, pants, shorts, shoes, and many other clothing items. Moreover, there are dedicated face accessories, scarves, and logos on outfits.

Multiple Characters

The Gacha Art mod features even more characters than the original game. These characters are unique and have their features and they are probably the main element of any RPG game. Moreover, with the other customization features you can make your character even more unique.

Story Mode

The story mode lets you play in slow gameplay and have a story that you want in the game. You can make choices based on your characters and have a completely different storyline every time.

The interesting thing is that you will have a different experience every time you play the story mode from the beginning.

Studio Mode

If you’re bored with the story mode, you can then look up to the Studio mode. It is a very unique feature of this game. In Studio mode, you just have to do the photo session of your characters which is very fun to play.

You can invite all the characters to the studio and click their pictures. It is one of the best ways to pass time with this game if you’re bored with the gameplay.

Mini Games

The game offers plenty of mini-games that you can play. These games are usually some kind of jigsaw puzzle or other mind-intensive game. You can play these games along with your regular game. This does not hinder your progress in the original game. And there are a bunch of them so you can choose from multiple options.

Gacha Art Screenshots

Gacha Art Mod Apk: System Requirements

The Gacha Mod game doesn’t require any heavy specifications. It is a lightweight game that can run on any android device. Although you should have an Android device running Android 5.0. It doesn’t require much space which makes it function smooth

There are no additional settings that are needed to install the game. You can simply download the installation file and then install the game on your device.

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